Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Facebook Mania

Actually the first time i was introduced to FACEBOOK was from Farra (as usual she will be the info center for me of the new gadget in the internet). Even though i'm from IT line, but i'm not the kind of IT Savvy like i used before. Maybe because of the burden of work and the age factor. Not saying that i'm becoming old nowaday but well ... as time goes by there are other priority that i have to think of rather than this SAVVY SAVVY thing ... hahahaha .. no offence ok to those IT Savvy people out there.

I have created one facebook account 4 months ago using the email account of my previous company since that time i cannot access the free mail especially yahoo. But i did not utilise the facility there since i know that i wont be long at that company. So today when i had a chat with my fren at germany, i try to create another facebook account using my yahoo email account. Tip tap tip tap ... then succeed with the registration process. But when i want to open the facebook i had a problem so i try to open a new window. Then .... i was given a message that the link to facebook is blocked and cannot be accessed during office hours .... ohhh dearrrr ..

I try to login again after office hour but still it is blocked. So there goes FACEBOOK. My email already full with the request from my frens to add them as frens link in my facebook but i cannot add them due to this. Hmmm what a crapped .. hahaha. Do hope tomorrow or the day after that i can login so that i can add all my frens and then get the latest update of them since it has been quite a long time since we see each other.

So there goes the story of FACEBOOK .... BUKU MUKA (translate in Malay .. ehehhe)

Friday, November 14, 2008

November Besday

Minggu nih dah jadik macam minggu besday. Starting with my dotter nyer besday on monday. I bought her a big cake to celebrate. Then i share the cake with Maz and Kak Tun. Well because they are the one who sit nearby me and most of all they are the one who always give me support and motivation during my bad times with my ex-LB. Not that i forgot the support from my default 3 advisors, no occay. But the 3 of you are not nearby me so i cannot pass the cake to you mommies .. hahaha .. maybe next time occay we set for a big besday party for Sarah or Lisa then we can share the cakes and cookies together2 ..

Ari nih plak besday my opismate >> Maz, and also my Reban Geng >> Limah. I sent them my besday wish. Limah hope for a baby boy as her besday wish and Maz i think she has her own agenda and wish but i actually does not have the chance to ask what she wish of for her besday as i'm busy attending the project meeting since morning up till noon. I am sure she also hope for a good things to happen. Aminnn.

Also this morning while attending the project meeting as usual on each Friday, i received a message from one of my closest neighbour saying that she had delivered a baby boy. This is her first child. Alhamdulillah at last they were blessed with a child after waiting for nearly 3 years. See what a good news to have on one good day >> Friday.

Later on next 17 is Amirah birthday, my niece whom i stay with during my bachelor day and also the coming 23 will be a birthday for my other niece, Fadlin Nazurah who turn 1, same age as Khalisah.

One of the manager in my office told me this morning, those who get birth in November are said to be a cute person and also a person with good at heart. So to whoever celebrate his/her birthday this month, i wish the person to be happy, blessed with whatever good thing he/she does and all the good things to happen to him/her. ( But i think most of us are good at heart .. right frens ... :D )

So ... today is Friday, tomorrow is Saturday, weekend times, time to spent the quality and happy day with my kids and family. And also, tomorrow there will be a sport carnival at Petronas Permata Training Center, Bangi. I hope i can bring my kids to the carnival and enjoy ourselves there. Cheesee ...

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

How am i going to do this ..

Today i have a discussion with my boss regarding my scope of works and things that i should do for the next 4 months towards my confirmation period. He gave his comments on my current performance and advise on how i should do to improve my works so that the people who criticise me can shut their mouth and see that i can actually do my job.

At first i'm feeling a lil bit down ..well ... you know me ... pantang kena komen ... surely i will think negative .. of myself laa. But later on when he advise and show me the path that i should take and do, it come to my sense that he really had a good intention from his comments. And i really appreciate that.

So after that, i write a list of what i am suppose to do, meet him again and get the clear picture and understanding of what i should do from the list of tasks. And after this, i need to do my work base on this list. Those which is outside from the list, i will try my best to put it aside or ask for my boss advice before i commit to do the unnecessary things.

I actually have till the end of this month to understand and catch up on the issues and project update of the main project that i am suppose to involve. To learn on how to do EVM on that project. And to come out with reporting output of the main project and also other internal projects. The big word "PROJECT ASSURANCE".

Hmmm ..... how am i going to to with this. Pls help me god ... Amenn.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Khalisah Turn 1

Today, my second dotter Nur Khalisah turn to 1. How time really flies so fast. I pray that she will be healthy and turn to be a good dotter. Amin

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Contribute to SCB-Scope ISCN Buddies

Aku dapat offer keje kat sini after a long period of hibernation kat rumah jaga anak. Well bersyukur yang amat sebab selepas 7 bulan dok tanam anggur kat rumah, akhirnya dapat jugak aku keje. First time masuk keje, kena attend induction course for 2 days. Actually 1 1/2 hari jek. Second day tu dah start dok tempat sendiri and team mate dah brief keje apa kena buat .. hahahah.

Memula sampai kat department aku tu, quite shock gak. Mana taknyer ... hampir kesemua staf dalam dept tuh are from Bollywood dan Mollywood. Mau tak terperanjat. Apart from that ada gak yang datang daripada Pangako Sayo. Really rasa macam dok luar negara ler plak. Well multinational company, mang ler macam tu kan .. aku jek yg terjakun kejap.Takpe kejap jek, sib baik tak lama sangat .. harus error aku nanti keje situ.

Then aku realise, dlm dept tu ada 2 orang jek malay, aku ngan sorang budak nih, nama dia Zuliany Hafiz. Bagus budak zul nih. Susah gak tak ramai melayu nih, tak de click susah gak. hahahah. Later on aku terserempak dengan a few other budak melayu from other department. Yg paling dekat dengan tempat aku duduk tu ada sorang budak melayu, her name Shafina. Dia nih laa yang dok perkenalkan aku dengan geng dia yang lain. Then aku kenal laa Ainen Salwa, Aiesas, Hanis, Ija and few others. (Aku mention nama geng2 aku jek nih .. leh gitu .. hahaha)

These ladies mang baekk punya geng la. Mang seronok sangat dapat kenal dorg. Fina and aiesas dua orang mak buyung with their first baby. Dua2 sibuk tanya cemana rasa nak bersalin, cemana nak jaga anak kecik, baper banyak baju nak beli etc yang berkaitan dengan nak dapat anak. Almaklum ler aku nih dah ada anak 2. Diorang siap tak caya aku dah ada 2 anak. Well bak kata fara, anak 2 muda lagik .. sapa anak 3 tu kira paling tua laa kan .. ehhehe ...

Friday lunch time mesti pegi lunch luar. Paling best rasanya g lunch kat KL Sentral. Hanis experience her first trip to KL Sentral. Tak penah sampai katanya. Ni ler lunch paling jauh yg aku penah pegi ngan dorg. Kalau tak aku pegi Amcorp Mall ke or dekat2 situ jer la.

Then aku dapat offer ke company aku berada sekarang ni. Susah hati betul. Dalam pada gembira dapat offer tapi hati ni dalam dilema gak sebab rasa keje kat sini dah ok. Kawan2 pun ok. Aiesas keep urging me not to leave SCB ISCN. Tapi apa kan daya dalam pada berat hati tu rasa terpaksa gak pegi. Due to certain circumstances yang aku have to choose for the sake of family. Dalam pada tu rasa bersalah pun ada sebab aku ajak Fara join the company and she got the offer. Pastu aku lak nak tinggalkan dia. Again... Sorry banget sih Fara.

Apapun aku rasa, walaupun aku keje sekejap sangat kat company nih. Only 3 months, but i felt that the experience and the time spent here is very much worth it and this is the best company yang aku penah keje. (But the first best frens come from PNC .. hehehe ) Good team-mate (ye ker fara dorg nih baik lagi tak, ker lepas KM kuar dorang buli Fara??? ), good frens, and good working place environment. Macam2 aktiviti ada yang dorg buat utk balancekan between keje dan life. If there i a chance to work there again one day, i might consider to do so.

Thanks to all my frens, thanks for accepting me and i really appreciate the time we had together.

Farewell lunch sponsor by Aiesas - thanks mom :D


Yesterday when i was walking to the parking lot from my office, suddently it comes to my thought that "How I Wish .... ". So do you want to know what is the wishes...

They are :

"How i wish i can be as positively as Fara for she always say YES to whatever task given to her with smiling and positive face"

"How i wish i can be as tough as Ellyn for she always redah je whatever hurdle come in her path and she manage to outcast it"

"How i wish i can be as selambe dek as Mauze for she always stay cool to whatever people comments on her"

I think i really need all this criteria to help me stay in my current working environment .... hahaaahah ..

Ladies ... any comments ..

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

My 2 Precious Dotter

Rasanya ramai kengkawan cyberspace nih tak tengok lagi gambo terkini 2 org puteriku yg comei2 nih .. so utk u ols sumer....

Here is Nur Maisarah (the first dotter) and Nur Khalisah (the second dotter)

New Direction

Starting this week, i will be reporting to other HOD. Well ... to my dearest buddies, they know why i was transferred to.Walaupun aku merasa sesangat le berat hati tapi apakan daya, aku cuma laa anak2 ikan kecik (weiii lama betul tak guna istilah anak ikan nih) terpaksa la aku terima dan patuh pada arahan.

Eventhough the reality is hard for me to accept this as i was keen to do the designing task but since SHE decide that i might be too slow for her team, so it is better for me to leave her team rather than leaving this company. Well i assume that is the reason.

Apa pun aku redha. I have to take this positively eventhough aku nih selalunye negative thinking ... huhuhu .. As all my frens saying, take this as a challenge.Ok i will try take this challenge and i pray to god to give me extra strength and intelligence to perform better with the new HOD and the new task.


Sekarang ni kat company aku, tgh sibuk minggu sukan. Macam2 events yang dorang dah programkan. Macam sukan zaman sekolah2 dulu siap ada rumah sukan tuh. Nama rumah sukan tuh plak bukan main lagik .. Kappa, Omega, Sigma dan Zeta. Ntah mana dorg dpt nama2 ni pun aku tak abis buat research lagik.Dijadikan cerita aku tersenarai dalam rumah Zeta. Kaler apa aku pun lupa lak nak check ... poyo jek.

Event sukan ni ada indoor and outdoor. Disebabkan aku nih dah berzaman ler sesangat tak join mana2 aktiviti sukan, so ntah cemana laa aku leh terofferkan diri untuk join one of indoor games which is yg paling aku rasa senang dan seswai >> KAROM. Then comes the time when ketua game tetiba call aku untuk sesi latihan. Laa ada latihan gak rupernya karom ni. Ingatkan main jentik jek. So aku pun dengan kobar2nya pegi le ke sesi latihan. Tuh diaa tetiba dengar ada lak rules n regulation dia. Ni boleh tuh tak boleh .. seingat aku ler duolu2 aku main karom ni tak ada lak rules sebegitu. Main taram jek .. hahahahah. Apa pun sebagai tanda hormat pada otai2 lama, aku pun ikut je la.

So far dah 3 kali pegi sesi latihan, alaahaaaiii skill aku dah menjunam ke tangga 100 kot. Aku pun tak tau ler leh contribute byk kat team or not. Apapun dapat tempat ke-4 pun jadi la. Ada gak hadiahnye. Not bad laa kan. Hahahahha ... So kite tunggu dan lihat aje laa nanti. Match will be on 6, 7 and 10 November nih. Berdebau-debau gak nih nak tunggu match day. Ohhh dear cemana laa ropernya nanti ...