Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Take a break ... Go for a holiday

A friend of mine just came back from a holiday vacation at Bali and give me one of the souvenir she bought from there. Hearing her story of the holiday reminds me of the vacation i had 3 years ago. The story sort of same like my vacation with my 'geng'. It's just 3 of us, all single ladies (me at the moment :D),and we really enjoy our trip. Go here and there, do this and that, feel so free and enjoyable and like the place is ours.Ghee ... it seems that my last vacation were so long time ago and i really miss it.

Actually i made many plans with my close frens to go for a holiday. Some of the locations even include somewhere in New Zealand, Japan, China and Middle East instead of our local attractions. Hmmm but the plans seem been forgotten as each one of us was so busy with our works and daily life. And now 2 of us are married already, so the plans sort of faded away from our main agenda.

Ever since i got married, i also haven't got the chance to go for a holiday. Even our honeymoon had to be postponed due to shortage of annual leave. The marriage leave we had was filled with visiting relatives on my site and his.

Sooo ............. we have to start a new plan on our vacation from now on ... Hopefully by end of this year, i have selected the great location for my vacation. :D