Monday, April 20, 2009

The Weekends ..

This is the 2nd weekend my hubby is not around. To avoid of the feel of missing him around in the house, this week i already make a plan on what to do for the 2 days of weekend.

On saturday, after discussion and plan with my ex-PNC colleague, we set to have a small gathering of the 4 of us with family in Mauze's house. Alhamdulillah the gathering turn out as excellent. Hehehe .. it has been a long time since the 4 of us can sit down together and chatting, eating and gossipping on the latest things that happen in our lives. We use to hang around together during our working years together but since everybody is on their own path now, it is really difficult for us to meet even for a lunch date. I bought a SR cake, mauze prepare a nice lunch for us with soto aka mee sup aka bihun sup (3 in 1). Really a complete set .. hehe.. Fara with her "Mee Goreng". Delicious .. sedappp .. Elin, we gave her an excuse la since she is 8 months pregnant. So tak payah ler susah2 .. datang makan je.

The kids are really happy because Mauze's house have all the things that kids like to do. All the toys are there .. hahaha .. so you don't have to worry for your kids to feel bored while the mothers are busy chatting and gossipping with each others hahahha.

So at last it is nearly 7pm only we make a move from Mauze's house with each of us carrying "berkat" to bring it back home.

But before i went to Mauze's place for the gathering that day, early that day i went to visit Kak Arn at the An Nur hospital. She just gave birth of their 3rd child, a lovely daughter, so cute with a thick hair.

Because of the exhaustion of one day travelling and gathering activity, we end up spending the night at my sister's house at BBB. Both my dotters are happy as they can play with their cousins but because of the hot weather that day, they keep making noise even in the sleep as they are not comfortable with the humidity.

On Sunday, early in the morning we went back home as i need to fix my hubby's car. His car's tyre got punctured so i ask my neighbour help to fix it since i cannot drive a manual car. Hahaha that is the disadvantage of auto-driver. Unluckily, the tyre shop was closed when we went to the shop. So i just ask my neighbour to pump the air at petronas and bring it back home. Hope it can wait till next weekend to be fixed.

So today is Monday already, working day, routine as usual. Send the kids to the nursery and i went straight to work. Feel sooo sleepy and how i wish the weekend can be extended to more that 2 days.

By the way, on my husband part, the weekend, he travelled to Amsterdam. So the very best of him, got to travel here and there. Hahah .. jeles le nih tak dapat pegi. Takpe la, when he come back we will make sure he bring us one family for Cuti Cuti Malaysia travel plak ... Fair right ...

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

What A Wonderful World

Besday Sarah

Semalam 07 April 2009, genap ler 3 tahun puteri sulung aku. Sekejap je masa berlalu. Sekarang Sarah dah petah bercakap. Macam2 mende dia tanya and cakap. Even sometimes aku quite surprise gak dengan ayat yg kuar dari mulut dia. Dia dah pandai menyusun ayat dan at the same time kami parent ni kena berhati2 dengan apa yg kuar dpd mulut kami. Sebab dia akan perhati dan dengar aje. Bukan dia tak faham, tapi sebenarnya dia dok dengar dan input masuk kepala dia and then one of lucky day .. apa yg kite ckp tu dia akan ulang balik .. hahaha

Tapi ada satu benda laa yang aku ingat sangat. Dulu dia ada basikal ... alaa yg roda tiga kecik tu. Yang siap ada pengayuh kat depan tu. Tapi basikal tu dah rosak, dah patah .. gara2 abang sepupu yg lasak tahap bulldozer tuh. So dulu aku ada kata kat dia, nanti mama beli basikal lain la ye. So sejak kebelakangan ni dia selalu mention pasal nak basikal. Aku pulak masa tu dalam keadaan kurang mampu nak belikan those kind of things to my kids. So my answer to her request is "Nanti laa kita beli ye, kalau mama ada duit " and then she reply back "Beli basikal kecik aje" sambil tunjukkan jari telunjuk dan ibu jari tanda kecik dia tuh.

Later on when dia mention lagi pasal basikal tu, aku akan bagi jawapan yang sama but what surprise me is her new answer "Beli basikal kecik aje ... " ditambah dengan "nanti bila ada duit ye" ... hahaha .. pandai sungguh anakku ini.

Alhamdulillah bulan ni kami dikurniakan rezeki yang lebih sikit dan aku dah pun belikan dia basikal yang diminta. Semalam pulak aku belikan kek untuk kami sama2 meraikan hari lahir dia. Even though abah tak de disisi kami buat masa ini, at least with this it will make her happy and bright up her day.

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY NUR MAISARAH .. Semoga membesar menjadi anak yg solehah dan diberkati Allah hendaknya .. AMIN "

Friday, April 03, 2009

Dan Sebenarnya ... By Me

Seminggu nih aku teramat ler letih dan takde mood nak wat keje. Tak tau ler kenapa. But through out the days, semalam baru aku realize the factors maybe because of 2 conditions.

The first one maybe sebab cuaca minggu ni amat ler panas. Even nak tido malam pun tak selesa. Bukan aku aje, budak2 pun asik meragam je especially Sarah. Every 1 or 2 hours asik bangun and meragam. So pepagi bila bangun nak g keje mang ler amatttss mengantuk.

Secondly, aku rasa factor terbesar yang menyumbang pada kehilangan mood ni maybe sebab asik terpikirkan yang my other half will be away for nearly 5 weeks. Bukan dekat pulak tu, even not in Malaysia or Asia. He will be on working a.k.a training trip to Europe. To be specific he will travel to Luxembourg. Jauh tuhh. The thought of not having him by my side ... oopps by our side really make me sooo nervous. Even though aku tau aku ni sebenarnya quite tough, i can handle my family in his absence, TAPI deep down inside tu macam rasa tak confident plak. Sorang2 nak dok melayan karenah 2 org princess yg makin mengganas tuh .. takut tak terlayan nanti ... huhuhu

Aku berharap sangat masa akan cepat2 berlalu for the next 5 weeks so that aku tak akan terus-terusan terbawa mood yg tak healthy ni. Not healthy for my family who i had to take care of, not healthy for my work that i need to do and most of all not healthy for me.

Dear god, give me the strength and courage to go through all this ... AMIN

So nak layan lirik ni sat ...

"dan sebenarnya ku mengharapkan
di sebalik senyumanmu itu
kau juga merindui aku ..

dan sebenarnya .... aku rindu .... "